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Energy Audits – Conservation First!

Why get an Energy Audit?

An energy audit assesses how much energy your home or building consumes and the amount of energy wasted due to inefficiency. Most homeowners average a 20% savings on their heating and AC bills after implementing the recommended remediation work. This means a quick 2-4 year payback of the money invested in the improvements. 

Our 3 step Energy Audit process provides you with an initial test, money-saving and energy-efficient improvement recommendations, and a “test out” at the end to see how well your house performs*. We can complete the recommended improvements, or the homeowner or another contractor can complete the work. 

Our Energy Audit process utilizes the newest technologies in building science and industry-proven procedures to detect and expose sources of energy loss and hidden health and comfort issues.

Our energy audit includes the following

In depth conversation with the home owner to assess the homeowner’s concerns, needs, goals, plans, and existing problems.

Visual and physical inspection of building envelope structure (insulation & building material)

Combustion Safety Test

Inspect furnaces and water heaters to address their efficiency, safety, health and comfort related concerns.

  • Equipment efficiency and condition analysis (Combustion Analyzer)
  • Carbon monoxide leak test (CO Tester)
  • Back drafting test
  • Gas leak and flame roll-out test

Click here  to learn more about Combustion Safety Testing

Blower Door Test (Infiltration Test)

Using diagnostic equipment, depressurize the whole house to expose air infiltration from the outside and leaks in the conditioned envelope. Determine the total air leakage of the building in square inches.

Duct Blaster Test (optional)

Test duct systems for air leakage if applicable

Thermal Imaging

Using an Infrared Camera we can take full and sectional images of your building to highlight temperature differences to expose conditioned air leakage spots. This technology allows us to identify poor insulation levels and other defects inside your walls without tearing your walls up. Available on warm and cold days only so that temperature difference observations can be observed.

Kill a Watt Test

Determine the usage of phantom loads and full loads.

* Free test-out energy audit after all the recommended improvements are completed.

Why Continuum Energy Solutions?

We are a full-service contractor certified as a “Home Performance With Energy Star” Contractor for Home Air Sealing. Our 20 years of experience in home improvement projects allows us to offer excellent customer service both in the office and the field. Combining the newest technology with good processes allows us to offer the best service at competitive prices.

Our goal is to custom design a solution to meet our customer’s green goals and needs. Once we provide you with the improvement recommendations, you are free to hire us to complete the job, or you can call us back after completing the improvements to perform another energy audit free of charge to test out the result.

How much does it cost?

Most audits cost about $400-600*

Can I get a free solar site analysis with the energy audit?

Yes – while we are on site you can opt to receive a free Solar Site Analysis (a value of $150). Mention this offer when contacting us if interested.

Receive a Home Performance Certificate

Maryland Residents can receive a Home Performance Certificate through the ENERGY STAR Maryland Home Performance program. We are a certified contractor who can provide a professional energy audit, make recommendations, complete the work if desired, and test the home for performance improvement.

ENERGY STAR is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy that helps businesses and individuals save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products andpractices. For details on What to expect and how to prepare for your audit click here

* The above prices are for houses up to 3000 sq ft in size.  Larger houses and duct test  additional.

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