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Carpentry, Wood Wrapping, Drip Edge, Caulking and Painting


An integral part of the gutter system is the wood it attaches to. We offer professional fascia, soffit, and rake board replacement and wrapping.

Rotted or split fascia is often only discovered after the gutters have been removed, requiring replacement and occasionally rafter reinforcement or custom woodwork.

Our estimates are very detailed, including pricing on most rotted or split wood that may be encountered upon removal of your gutters.

We are well staffed and can accommodate extensive wood replacement, including rafter pads, tie-outs, soffit, fascia, and rake board replacement and wrapping. We install only #1 commercial grade pre-primed fascia, soffit, and rake board as needed when split or rotted wood is encountered. We caulk and paint the installed wood, so the customer receives a finished, professional look.

Carpentry Wood Wrapping Drip Edge Caulking and Painting

Wood Wrapping

We also wrap wood with PVC Coated aluminum trim coil. This extra layer of protection looks great, keeps water away, and requires much less maintenance than wood with its associated painting costs.

Drip Edge

A drip edge should be installed when the roof is put on, but surprisingly most roofers don’t install it due to the fact that county codes don’t require it. Drip-edge flashing aims to prevent water from leaking behind the gutter. We highly recommend adding a drip edge when installing gutters to prevent damage to the fascia and soffit areas.

Caulking and Painting

These services are available to our homeowners but are limited to caulking and painting woodwork that we have replaced on your home. We are happy to supply the paint if the color is white. The homeowner will be responsible for supplying the paint for all other colors.