Don’t Risk It! Here IS Why You Shouldn’t Clean Your Own Gutters

If “gutter cleaning” is on your weekend to-do list, you might want to think twice before pulling out your ladder to tackle the outdoor task yourself.  

Unfortunately, not hiring professionals to clear your home’s gutters can put you at risk. Every single year in the U.S., more than 164,000 people visit the emergency room with injuries after falling from a ladder, according to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors

Gutter cleaning can be dangerous, especially when your house is over one story. Falling 10 feet or less from a ladder is the leading cause of house injuries, followed by misusing the ladder, climbing a defective ladder, or not being careful enough while working. Tragically, 300 people lose their lives from these preventable falls—and over the past decade, this number has tripled.

Accidents involving ladders are common because placing a ladder on uneven ground outside can lead to a dangerous fall. The unsteady ladder could topple from under you when you climb up. That fall, even from a short height, puts you at serious risk of injuries. Trained technicians know how to set up their ladders for a safe cleaning.

We highly recommend hiring trained gutter cleaning professionals for the job. Our technicians undergo regular safety training and have extensive experience working with ladders, so let them handle this important home maintenance job safely and efficiently. These sobering statistics show why it’s vital to leave the “dirty work” of inspecting and unclogging your gutters to the pros.

Want a couple of icky reasons not to reach into gutters by yourself? Rodents, birds, and insects like spiders tend to reside in dark, damp areas such as gutters and downspouts. Plus, decaying leaf matter in your gutters may contain mold spores and other bacteria that can negatively affect your health if you inhale it. Let the professionals who are trained to deal with these issues handle the cleanup!

Some houses have overhead electrical or telecom lines, which could be very risky when DIY gutter cleaning. You may inadvertently damage the lines, and risk getting electrocuted or fall. Trained professionals will clean your gutters properly without disturbing any wires around your home.

Professional training is needed to clean gutters and downspouts properly to avoid causing damage. If you try doing it by yourself, your ladder might dent the gutters and facia boards, for example. Consequently, if you use the wrong tools, you could separate the seams between the gutters or create a hole, causing leaks and costly damage to your home’s exterior.

Many homeowners unfortunately think they don’t need to professionally maintain their gutters—or that covered gutters or occasional cleaning is enough maintenance. However, most houses, including yours, should have two to four professional gutter cleanings annually to avoid overflowing gutters.

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