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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not! Truth is, there is not a great deal of difference in the materials being used from one company to the next, only the gauge (thickness). The big difference is in the installation workmanship. Certainly, we are not the only company that can install gutters properly. However, Metro Gutter has been in the business for 15 years and some of our installers have been with us nearly 10 years. Keep in mind that our business is gutter.

Clogged gutters can wreak havoc on your home. Standing water makes a great habitat for bees, birds, insects, termites, and other rodents. Overflowing water rots the fascia and soffit wood and can ruin interior finished areas as well. Water falling along the edge of your house can cause serious erosion and expensive foundation damage.

Most houses should have 2-4 cleanings per year to avoid overflowing gutters, but it depends on the type and number of trees. Consider the addition of screening or filter, as most homeowners reduce their cleanings required to 2 per year and never have water overflowing the gutters.

Not for most people! When your house is over one story, unless you have a job that involves a ladder or strenuous work, gutter cleaning is dangerous work. Our technicians go through regular safety training and work with ladders all day, so let them do the dirty work! I have lost track of the number of calls of ladies who call with stories of how their husband fell from a ladder.

We recommend cleaning your gutters a minimum of 3 times per year, to prevent clogs in your gutter system. Spring blossoms, usually fall throughout April, summer debris falls through the summer due to windy thunderstorms, and fall leaves are usually down about November 15.

No. Screens will keep most large debris such as leaves and twigs out of the gutters and helps to prevent overflows from new debris that falls between cleanings. Debris can also rest on top of the screens and must be cleared to prevent roof rot. Regular cleaning of screened gutters is the cheapest and most effective way to avoid overflow problems.

(click here to see examples) No. This is out 15th season and despite examining every covered system currently available we have yet to find a covered system that is not flawed. Smaller debris gets into the gutter or fills the narrow opening and causes clogs and overflows. Approximately every three weeks we tear down these overpriced, clogged, usually not cleanable systems to install new gutters for frustrated customers. These covers can cost over $15 – $15.00 per foot compared to gutter guards at around $2.50 – 3.50 per foot. Every time I see the Mall or Costco display for these flawed systems with the “hardest flow in 100 years” I cringe, because the area drained is only a few square feet. Every house is different in its drainage needs and a mall display cannot fairly represent the differing square footages of roof area drained.

Yes. We also install Gutter Filters. This product is a gutter shaped foam with a channel for water flow. The filter is placed inside of your gutter and debris will not be able to get into it. This product works best on houses that have flat roofs, cedar shake or slate shingles. We recommend it only for houses, which drain moderate roof sizes.

Yes! 6″ gutters have twice the flow carrying capacity as 5″ and the downspouts have nearly 3 times the carrying capacity! Oversize gutters don’t cost very much more than regular gutters to install, as only a little more material cost must be added to the estimate.

The most common size for residential construction is 5″ gutters with 2″ x 3″ downspouts. However, the size and number of downspouts is often more important than gutter size. Each 2″ x 3″ downspout will carry approximately 500 sq ft of roof area where a 3″ x 4″ downspout will carry approximately 1,250 sq ft. The 3″ x 4″ downspout with a 3″ x 4″ outlet opening also will not clog as easily as the 2″ circular outlet opening in 2″ x 3″ downspouts.

Yes. A “hidden hanger” – a support that holds the gutter may be used as well. Hidden hangers are not necessarily better than spikes.

Great care must be taken in making sure the fastener goes into the rafter – here is why choosing a good gutter installation company is important. The original installer probably missed the rafters and the spikes were driven through the gutter board into nothing.