Making Your Gutters Last Longer

Gutters are the most effective defense to keep rainwater away from a home or office building. They keep a property free of damp spots, prevent flooding and damage to facia and soffit wood, and preserve the foundation for the long term by preventing erosion. To do their job correctly and withstand the elements, a gutter system needs to be durable and sturdy and of course, well-maintained!

What is a Gutter’s Lifespan?

A gutter’s material will determine its lifespan, but it’s standard for professional gutters to last for decades. In fact, copper gutters are known for lasting over 50 years while aluminum gutters, the most popular type of gutter nowadays, can last from 20 to 40 years, or up to 50 years only with regular professional maintenance.

Environmental factors also play an important role in a gutter’s lifespan. Our region has heavy tree cover. Consequently, we recommend at least two cleanings per year – November – January and May – July.

Preventative maintenance is key, especially if you want your gutters to last! So always be sure to keep your gutters clean to prevent problems and costly damage to your home. Our experienced team at Metro Roof & Gutter can identify potential issues before they become big problems, saving you time and money in the long run.

When Should I Replace My Gutters?

Although most gutters can last for decades with maintenance, as described, eventually you may have to replace them. The following are signs you may need a gutter replacement:

– Water damage or marks beneath the gutter indicate that water is leaking or overflowing like a waterfall. This can damage your soffit and fascia board, so it’s important to get the problem taken care of quickly.

– Gutters should never sag or fall away from your home. This could indicate that they are full of water and falling down due to the weight.

– The gutters could be draining improperly. This can be a result of something as simple as a clog or as complex as a defect in the gutter system. Keeping your gutters clean and well-maintained plays a key role in preventing them from failing to drain properly.

– Leaks shouldn’t be a regular occurrence. If your gutter is leaking, your home is vulnerable to water damage. This could be caused by a clog, or the gutter might not be redirecting all the water away from the house.

Taking Care of Your Rain Gutters

Gutters last longer when they are well-maintained. Even the sturdiest gutter will be affected by poor maintenance. Keeping a gutter system in good condition involves regular inspections and cleaning to prevent clogs. This is even more important if you have many trees nearby and no leaf guards protecting your gutters. Even if you have leaf guards, we recommend scheduling 2 cleaning sessions each year to prevent the accumulation of debris on top of the leaf guards, on the roof, and inside the gutter. Regular gutter cleaning can also help identify roof and chimney issues that need attention before they become more expensive repairs.

Leaks and other common problems can be fixed without dismounting the whole gutter system, but for that, you need to identify the source of the problem early on.

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