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Pressure Washing and Deck Maintenance

Pressure Washing

Our experienced cleaning technicians take great care to ensure that a professional pressure wash on your home’s siding, brick, concrete, or deck will leave you with a consistent, clean surface. We use only commercial grade 3,000-psi units to remove dirt, pollution spots, and most molds.

Pressure Washing Residential Services Alexandria VA

Deck Maintenance

Sealing/staining your deck every 3 years is essential maintenance for protecting exposed wood. Excessive hot and cold temperatures, rain, UV rays, ice, snow, and freezing and thawing, cause damage to an untreated deck. We offer clear, semi-transparent, and solid color stains to accommodate a variety of tastes.

Application is made only by hand. This takes about twice the time of spraying the sealant but provides a much more thorough and consistent finish and is well worth the extra investment. Our technicians exercise lots of patience during the application process so that no detail is overlooked.