Why You Still Need to Clean Your Gutters, Even With Gutter Protection

Installing a gutter protection system on your gutters shows you care about your home and property. However, just because you’ve added that extra protection doesn’t mean you don’t need a regular annual cleaning to keep your gutter system in top working order and functioning correctly. 

Bringing in the pros to clean and inspect your gutters at least once a year will maintain the overall health of your gutters, so they keep moving water away from your house, foundation, and landscaping.

  1. Prevent Debris Buildup

Even if you have gutter protective covers in place, debris like leaves, twigs, and dirt can still accumulate over time on top of the protection and even in the gutter leading to a blockage. Smaller bits of leaves or needles can slip through your guards or settle on top of them, leading to blockages. Scheduling a regular cleaning is the only way to keep your gutter system clear, functional, and free-flowing, preventing overflow and potential damage to your home.

  1. Ensure Proper Water Flow

It is true that gutter guards help reduce the amount of debris entering or clogging your gutters, but they can’t completely eliminate it. That’s why, over time, small debris particles can build up and restrict water flow. By cleaning your gutters at least two times per year, you’re keeping water flowing freely to protect the interior of your home and also your home’s foundation and landscaping from erosion and water damage.

  1. Eliminate Pest Infestations

Even small amounts of debris in your gutters creates an environment that attracts pests like insects, small birds, and rodents. If these pests build nests or start living in your gutters, they can block water flow and cause damage to your gutter system. A regularly scheduled cleaning by professionals safely removes the debris that can attract pests in the first place, keeping your gutters and house pest-free.

  1. Prolong Your Gutters’ Life

Clean your gutters twice per year to eliminate debris that slip through the gutter guards. With gutter system protection and regularly scheduled gutter cleaning, you’ll keep your gutters functioning longer, without a need to replace them prematurely.


  1. Prolong your roof’s life. Debris that collects in gutters, on gutter protection, in valleys, by fallen sticks, above skylights, and in crickets will hold moisture and lead to the damage to the roof and to water intruding into your house.


Contact Metro Roof & Gutter for Gutter Cleaning, Maintenance, and Repair in Northern Virginia

Metro Roof & Gutter provides professional gutter cleaning services to the entire D.C. metro area, including Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C. Our thorough maintenance includes:

  • Unclogging your gutters and downspouts.
  • Bagging all the debris.
  • Ensuring that your gutter system flows freely.
  • Cleaning of roof valleys and crickets and behind skylights

We complete a free inspection of gutters, roof, siding, and deck with every gutter cleaning. We can also install gutter protection systems as an optional add-on service.

Protect your home from damage with a well-maintained gutter, roof and downspout system. Let us assist you with all of your gutter and roofing maintenance. Get a competitive quote from us today!